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Notes prepared for March 2008 NZ Post Wellington Readers and Writers Week panel discussion on the topic of Image and Text, with Paula Greene, John Reynolds, and Roger Horrocks (Chair) (May 2008)
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scratch the surface

Text of Creative Writing Lecture at Auckland University (October 2005 )
(0.5MB PDF)

subtle body

An interview, Stephen Bambury and Leigh Davis. (December 2004)

back operation

A talk that asks the question "What is metaphysical in Maori?" or a talk about Shane Cotton's paintings. (September 2004) select one of the links below:

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glaring deficiency

Glaring Deficiency, a lack that shines, apparent in Patrick Reynolds’ great photographic essay called POWER. (October 2002)
(0.4 MB PDF)

country and western

This is an essay on John Reynolds' painted language. Leigh Davis: "The less obvious task is to put Western into Country, and show that an art made in Auckland is at most a discursive variation only within the regularities of Western representation." (February 2002) select one of the links below:

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yes and no

These notes by Leigh Davis examine taste in some New Zealand poetry in its mid-twentieth century form. "They are directed at how this poetry appears to have asked itself to be read, and at how it was asked to be read by its exemplary readers."
(January 2002)

reynolds' opening speech

A talk by Leigh Davis to the Govett-Brewster Gallery opening of the John Reynolds exhibition K Rd to Kingdom Come...
(13 October 2001)

time, text and echoes

A talk by Leigh Davis from the "Bad Language" series presented at the Auckland City Art Gallery in 2001...
(June 2001)

six degrees of separation

This is the text for an exhibition catalogue for a show at Andrew Jensen Gallery entitled “Six Degrees of Separation”...
(April 2001)

bearing witness

A critique of Stephen Bambury’s “Siena” series...
(February 2001)

big white males

Paradise is at least a big idea. It is also usually a big problem...PDF file, 236 Kb
(January 2001)