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Einstein Taught me Physics



Einstein has taught me physics

Einstein taught me physics

I learned physics from Einstein

Einstein taught me

He has taught me physics

Physics could be learned

The airwaves fresh from the beach, from

Einstein, who once lived in Princeton

He knew physics. OK, I am coming

I’m on my way

Einstein taught me physics, I say

Such physics        Perhaps he is not for you

Who has taught me physics

I knew but did not know physics.  The works

The path to physics is Einstein and boundless

Easy to come by.  Einstein according to the records

Taught me physics.  He is very big, or was,

But not for a Watusi

Swift was English. Einstein taught me physics



His letters. Einstein, in the middle, teaching me

Physics.  Zero and e.

Einstein taught me physics with chalk

He has taught me.  I learned under Einstein

The sticks with which he taught me physics

Einstein was my teacher.  He taught me physics.

Einstein was teaching me physics.  The subject

Einstein taught me, his, of Einstein, physics

Albert was my lecturer.  On cold days

Writing in chalk over the blackboard

It was pale blue. Well he was, and whitening

As he taught me physics. Einstein

When he took me. For physics.

Einstein who was my physics lecturer,

Marking the blackboard, on occasion.

As the hands of a physics student. With

Einstein. Such was his ability

I learned from him.  He chalked.

Einstein taught me physics.    Einstein

As my lecturer.



In a low period learning physics

From Einstein.  Thanks for the clarity, M. Albert

Teaching me physics.  Giving me the works

Room for the class.  I learned with Einstein

That time, the figures, his dusty turns.  The man

Who taught me.  A long way.  From.   Across.  Out.

Today we find out..   Thank you for attending

My physics lecturers..

As when Einstein has taught me physics

Mentor Albert in the late autumn      Homme

Albert with the apparatus.  Was teaching

Me.  The light washing on the pane

Of the windows.  On the pane lay the light.

The pale of thin.  To one side of the middle aged

Brow of the lecturer, gesturing and speaking.

He taught me physics.  The chalk that would sometimes

Break, when Einstein taught me. He was too forceful.



Across the board.  His signature would fail

In the physics lesson.  He would pass on

To his class.  Passage to the class,

Einstein on the boardwalk.  On halted

Notes, he has taught me physics.

He who knew, his instruction, the physics lessons,

Einstein at the bench.  Taking physics

The necessary bench, to lean on, to turn to

To turn around, its taps.  Going over as he turned

Physics could be learned, as we

Turned it over.  This was Einstein’s

Instruction.       In outline.   The learning

To the border of the board.

And so we see that



Mentor waves familiarly.

And white hair.  Physics

‘sight of a snow light across

the face’    The blackboard. He would teach me

Talking.  The moments of walking.

And can you.  When Einstein

Taught me physics, numbers of times,

And light.  The tree spaces of board

Before Einstein. Who waves over.

Deriving the chalk.  Columbine.

He casts, they fly by night.

Opening on the night. I turn the leaf.

The forks in his teaching taught me physics.

Making the board chalk, write on the front,

No time like present for physics.

Use of the perfect.

The thin line of the cold afternoon

On the panes. I chair on the linoleum.


Leigh Davis, 1983